About Drillaz™

It all started in 2020 with a sentence from my then 8-year-old daughter: “Dad, why isn’t there such cool streetwear for kids? I also want to wear such stylish shirts, hoodies and jackets." The original vision for a streetwear label arose around 15 years ago, but it was not designed for the next generation. In 2021, this idea was to develop further, and so the brand was created DRILLAZ™ CLOTHING. A stylish, characteristic streetwear label for children and young people. Inspired by urban street style, hip hop and rap, as well as movies, DRILLAZ ™ CLOTHING presents unique cuts, designs and meaningful statements for kids. Far away from the classic clothing standard and with A solid quality, the products from DRILLAZ ™ CLOTHING stand for high wearing comfort. DRILLAZ ™ produces within the EU. The road is and will always remain our greatest inspiration. We look forward to the journey together with you. Thank you for your support!